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Teach your kids about Bitcoin in a relatable way! Our precocious eight-year-old narrator has had quite a day! Her mother has just decided to invest in Bitcoin! Armed with a vivid imagination, our young narrator wades through her own misconceptions about the world's first cryptocurrency and weighs them against her father's misgivings. Join her as she learns how Bitcoin works, why it was invented, and most of all how a relatively small piece of software has forever left its mark on the world as well as her own family. This book (Book One) is the first installment in a series that will educate and inspire young and old about cryptocurrencies and the future economy being rapidly developed.

Autographed for free for a limited time only, if ordered here by Pi Day 2022 (March 14 :: 3/14).

So, My Mom Bought Some Bitcoin!

SKU: S0100001
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