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I'm FM Kind.  I educate about artificial intelligence, bitcoin and corporate software leadership.


I'm also the author of the So, My Family Does Crypto children's series.  Book One is now available on Amazon.

Pick up your copy today of So, My Mom Bought Some Bitcoin! for that techno-curious child in your orbit.

On this website, you will see:

  • Introductory topics about cryptocurrencies and STEM for children,

  • Developer skillset mentorship for building in blockchain and artificial development, and

  • Premium content for strategic management of agile software teams (only paywall)


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Marvin M.

Not just for kids.  I learned more from this short novel about bitcoin and its origins than most of the reading I have done in the past few years...  I appreciate that... adults not so tech savvy can learn how to navigate in this realm.

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Jay R

This book written like a children book, really gives you better knowledge and explanation on how bitcoin works, this is a great way to explain and teach people who really have a hard time understanding bitcoin...  Brilliant.

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Elizabeth D., LMFT

Creative, fun and helpful.  This is such a fun book aimed at helping explain bitcoin to kiddos and it definitely accomplishes this... Can't wait for more books by this author!

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